Professional Services


Operating in on-site project teams, WSI’s Professional Services’ mandate is to supplement operators’ existing personnel by offering an experienced team of specialists to relieve the resource, and learning curve, “crunch” that typically accompanies the implementation and support of these technically complex systems. WSI specializes in turnkey solutions, offering operators a full suite of services, from business case development through to commercial launch and post-implementation support. Dependent upon the operator's requirements, WSI offers expertise in Strategy Development, Financial Analysis, Marketing, New Product Introduction, Business Process Design, Information Technology, Network Engineering and Customer Operations.

In brief, Wireless Solutions International Inc. provides the following services to its client organizations.

·         Marketing - including market research, product definition, pricing strategy, marketing communications, distribution channel development, dealer compensation strategy and call flow design.

·         Financial Planning – such as business case development, financial analysis, business planning, operational and capital budgeting.

·         Network Engineering – including all voice, data and corporate communication engineering functions. Examples include network design, vendor selection and analysis, technology evolution planning and network integration (billing systems, adjunct platforms,call centers, PABX, etc.)

·         Contract Negotiation - including the negotiation of supply agreements, service agreements, IT systems integration contracts and IT out-sourcing contracts. 

·         Business Processes – these activities include process development, intra-departmental process integration, process re-engineering, and operational impact analysis.

·         System Integration/IT – such as implementation planning, ancillary system interface development, user acceptance testing, service provisioning and maintenance.

·         Customer Care – these activities include the development of training materials, process development, defining workstation requirements and system training sessions.

·         Network Operations – including integration with NOC, system alarming, trouble ticketing, training and support.

Phased Implementation…

WSI approaches network implementations with forethought and methodology. Our objective is to launch the highest quality service that the carrier is able to provide. Toward this end, WSI adheres to a phased approach in the implementation of the telecom infrastructure and services. At all phases of the project rollout, WSI strongly advocates that the operator’s personnel actively participate. Not only does this approach foster a greater understanding and acceptance of the systems, it also facilitates the training of local staff for the on-going support & maintenance of the network, post-implementation.

·         Pre-implementation Support – includes such activities as Request for Proposals, vendor evaluations, contract negotiations, business case development, market research, technical site preparation, etc.

·         Project Management & Implementation – encompasses a myriad of commercial and technical activities to expedite the implementation of network platforms while supporting the operator’s business requirements.

·         Post-implementation Support – to maintain and monitor the performance, of not only the installed systems, but also the financial performance of the commercial service.

Implementation & Administration Alternatives – flexible financing terms and equipment ownership arrangements, are provided through our Facilities Management and Outsourcing services. These options provide the operator with flexibility in how they acquire, manage and maintain their adjunct enhanced service’s platforms.