About Us


Wireless Solutions International Inc. (WSI) was established to assist telecommunication carriers in the expedient implementation, and support, of their voice and data services, in an effort to lessen their time to market and realize incremental revenues. WSI is a telecom consultancy firm staffed by a multinational group of highly experienced Commercial and Technical professionals, with hands-on experience with various telecommunications systems and enhanced services platforms. WSI specializes in turnkey solutions, offering operators a full suite of services, from business case development through to commercial launch and post-implementation support. Dependent upon the operator’s requirements, WSI offers expertise in Strategy Development, Financial Analysis, Marketing, New Product Introduction, Business Process Design, Information Technology, Network Engineering and Customer Operations. Our implementation teams have extensive international project management experience, across a variety of network infrastructure suppliers, adjunct platforms and access technologies. Worldwide, WSI has provided consulting services to network operators across 4 continents.


Corporate CV


Marketing & Business Planning

  • With more than four years international start-up experience, this senior marketing and business planning professional has consulted to eight fixed and mobile companies in six countries, performing business planning, marketing and shareholder relations’ functions.  From due diligence assessment to launch, she played a key role in building two of the world’s largest fixed wireless access companies using WLL (wireless local loop) technologies.  She and other members of the WSI team were responsible for creating and launching the world’s first fixed pre-paid service, now a model for other service providers.  Prior to her international experience, she enjoyed a successful 17-year career with one of Canada’s leading telephone companies.

Given her broad background, she typically plays a consultative or “hands on” role as required.  Her strengths include defining organizational structure, acting in a leadership position during start-up phase, hiring permanent executive and support staff, defining strategy, conducting market research, writing business plans and presentations, communicating with shareholders, selecting and directing agencies, defining product offerings, creating tactical plans, determining business rules and procedures, and guiding successful implementation. 

She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and holds an APR (Accredited Public Relations) designation.

  • This member of the WSI team 4 years experience with multinational corporations in the telecom industry has been dedicated to project management, business planning and marketing strategies development and implementation. These activities included product specification; pricing strategy definition; business processes design and business rules definitions; products and services filings (regulatory) and training.

His background includes experiences in a high competitive retail market, two telecom start-ups and a partnership in an advertising agency, what has helped him to develop his multi-functional skills.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Advertising from Brasilia University and a graduate degree in Marketing from Getulio Vargas Foundation, both in Brasilia, Brazil.


  • Throughout the projects with WSI, this member has concentrated in developing programs and agreements that ensure cooperative, non-competitive relationships between the operator and the dealers, direct sales force and alternate distribution channels. Her role also includes the development of marketing strategy and implementation plans to position Prepaid products in the market, and to support the sale of the products through pricing, packaging, promotions, and distribution programs.  Marketing policies were developed to guide and support customer service.

In her five years of project management experience and three years exposure to the telecommunications industry, she has developed strong skills in:

  • Understanding markets, customer needs, wireless technology, distribution channels (direct and indirect) and competitive offerings
  • Leading cross-functional Marketing and Operations teams, ensuring clear communication and optimizing internal processes to ensure delivery of a superior product to the market.
  • Understanding retail environments including brand management, competitive positioning, market segmentation, merchandising, promotions and product differentiation.
  • Developing training programs and full support for customer service and distribution channels.

This team member holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Mackenzie University, Săo Paulo, Brazil. International course work and training programs have supplemented her the ability to work in multi-cultural environments.

Software Engineering

  • This employee has 14 years of experience in Information Technology within the telecommunications industry, specializing in System integration, Provisioning, Mediation and Project Management. His work has taken him to numerous wireless operators throughout Europe and Latin America.

His expertise includes development and supervision of the design and implementation of IT systems. He also has detailed knowledge and experience in designing the IT infrastructure to support billing platforms. This background has provided him with extensive knowledge of various IT hardware, operating systems and application software.  He specializes in UNIX based systems and has expert knowledge of C/C++, SQL, Java and UNIX shell and relational database products (Oracle, Informix, Sybase).

His strong IT technical project management and organizational skills provide direction to WSI’s System Integration group. He contributes to each project through IT surveys of operator requirements, analysis and recommendations of IT platforms, and all other aspects of System Engineering. Typically, he is responsible for overseeing the System Integration work which may include billing system installation, network connectivity, peripheral vendor integration and post-implementation support.

This team member holds a Master’s Degree in IT Project Management from the Swiss University, Switzerland.

Network Engineering

  • This member of the WSI team leads the Network Engineering group and draws upon his 14 years experience in Engineering design, integration, implementation and operation of wireless networks utilizing AMPS, CDMA and TDMA modulation techniques.  Over his telecommunications career, he has successfully implemented networks around the world, working 2 years in customer engineering for a major switching manufacturer, 10 years with Canada’s leading mobile operator and 2 years in international consulting.  His assignments have taken him to Brazil, Uruguay, Canada and China. 

Prior to joining WSI, he designed and led the implementation of the world’s largest Wireless Local Loop (CDMA) deployment; the fastest network deployment of its size in the world to date.  Despite the obstacles associated with implementation in third world countries, he enjoys a perfect success rate in on-time deployment of international start-up projects. 

His broad engineering background includes VO Technical support, Operational Management, Engineering Management, Switching and Data Network Engineering.    He has in-depth experience in network design and implementation, as well as the integration of switching, BSC, adjunct platforms (such as Voice Mail and Pre-Paid), data and corporate communication networks.   He routinely coordinates the work of multiple vendors, recently having worked with Nortel, Ericcson, Lucent, NEC and SEMA  Priority Call to deliver a seamless wireline / WLL network. 

He holds an Electronics Engineering Technologist Diploma from Loyalist Collect of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from Laurentian University. 

Process and Billing

  • An expert in defining effective business processes and ensuring successful implementation of marketing programs, this senior professional brings 4 years of international experience and 10 years in the telecommunications industry to the table.  She has experience in a wide variety of roles – including management, agency and consulting – and has a proven track record in start-up environments as well as mature organizations in 4 countries.  Her practical approach to problem solving has resulted in record-time implementation of billing and customer care systems for both prepaid and postpaid services.  Her broad background in direct marketing, advertising, public relations and marketing support has allowed her to develop the trouble-shooting skills that are now her trademark. 

Her strengths include:

  • Defining system parameters, testing functionality, performing User Acceptance Testing, analyzing billing results, approving system output and leading cross-functional teams for problem resolution and implementation

  • Customer service training and scripting

  • Marketing database design and implementation

  • Designing business processes to support company operations including product development and implementation, customer acquisition service provisioning and assurance.   

She is a graduate of Mount Royal College where she earned an honors diploma in Public Relations.  She is also a recent participant in Wireless and Voice over IP billing workshops through the International Billing College.

 Contract Negotiation & RFP Development

  • During his three years of international start-up experience, this senior procurement professional has consulted to four fixed wireless companies in three countries in vendor selection and contract negotiations.  From RFQ to contract execution, he played a key role in negotiating contracts aggregately valued in excess of 1.2 billion dollars for four of the world’s largest fixed wireless access companies using WLL (wireless local loop) technologies.  Prior to his international work, he enjoyed a successful 24 year career with Canada’s largest telephone company.

This professional also has hands-on experience in sales and project management. This experience has served him well in negotiating all types of contracts, ranging from traditional contracts for Telecom equipment, systems and services to vendor-financed turnkey contracts for Network solutions and IS/IT outsourcing agreements. He has also played an influential role in the negotiation of Term Sheets in conjunction with Vendor financing.  He typically takes a hands-on approach in facilitating and overseeing the preparation of technical specifications for RFQs with the appropriate internal design authority, analysis of proposals, negotiation strategy planning and execution, collation of the appropriate contract documentation, development of recommendations to the boards of directors and preparation of other presentations to senior executives. 

He is a graduate of the University of Montreal in Economics and speaks three languages fluently; English, French and Italian.

Vendor Selection & Procurement

  • With over 30 years of service in the telecommunication industry, and 10 years as General Manager of Strategic Procurement of telecom products and services in Bell Canada, this senior executive has extensive experience in dealing with the world leaders in the telecommunications industry. In the past three years he has brought his experience to the international market consulting to four, start-up, fixed wireless local loop (WLL) companies in India and South America.

Over the past three years in the international environment, he with other members of the WSI team, was responsible for major contracting activities valued at more than 350 Million US$ in India and 1.4Billion US$ in the worlds biggest startup companies of WLL in Brazil. He is currently providing complete procurement services in Caracas Venezuela for purchases with an estimated value of 350 Million US$.

His Corporate Procurement expertise spans the range from establishing policy throughout the procurement cycle to defining and developing all aspects of the supply chain process and strategies including, market request for proposals, supplier selection, contract negotiations, product deliveries and inventory management. His strengths include leading contract negotiations, advising and obtaining the consensus of the client executive team, shareholders, and boards of directors.

Contract Development & Negotiation

  • With more than two years of international start-up experience, this legal and contract negotiations professional has consulted to three fixed wireless access telecommunications companies using WLL (wireless local loop) technologies in South America, completing numerous contracts involving some of the largest telecommunications vendors in the world. From the RFQ and vendor-selection process, through to contract drafting and signature, he and other members of the WSI team have negotiated contracts including supply agreements, service contracts, and IS/IT systems integration and outsourcing contracts. These agreements range in value from one Million $USD to one-half Billion $USD, and generally involve vendor financing. 

With his extensive legal and contract negotiations background, he typically provides “hands-on” consulting services, drafting documents on-site and conducting face-to-face vendor negotiation sessions.  His strengths include defining commercial requirements, developing requests-for-quotation, assessing vendor proposals, defining vendor-selection strategy, drafting contracts and other legal documents as required, communicating with shareholders, negotiating agreements, and educating users as to contractual and commercial terms and conditions. 

Prior to his international experience, he enjoyed a 10-year career as a partner of a successful law firm in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and Bachelor of Law degree.

Project Management & Business Development

  • WSI’s principal and founder had 12 years’ management experience in high technology industries, including wireless and IT, prior to creating WSI in 1997.  Since then, both start-up companies and mature businesses alike have embraced his philosophy of turnkey solutions – delivered by committed, on-site teams.  He has worked with numerous multinational corporations – both fixed and mobile operators – and has helped them successfully implement voice and data networks worldwide.  Recent accomplishments include the world’s largest Wireless Local Loop (WLL) installation and first Prepaid Fixed telephony service. 

His extensive experience and strong analytical skills guide the strategic development work performed by the WSI team.   He plays a “hands on” management role, guaranteeing quality in business case development, financial analysis, and all aspects of the marketing mix including pricing, promotions, advertising, brand development, segmentation, distribution and product packaging.  As overall project manager, he ensures adherence to budgets and time frames, as well as the acceptance and expedient implementation of technically complex systems.  In addition, his technical background and exposure to a variety of technologies and modulation techniques allows him to find solutions where less experienced personnel would see only limitations.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Commerce from the University of Alberta, Canada and a joint Master of Business Administration degree from Queen’s University, Canada and the Institute for International Studies and Training, Japan.