WSI’s Contract Development & Negotiations group,  Signature Contract Services International Inc., is staffed with recognized experts within their disciplines, bringing over 30 years of telecommunications experience, a successful history of negotiations with the world’s largest vendors and more than a decade of related legal expertise to their partnership. 

The Signature team has successfully completed numerous contract negotiations involving a variety of international vendors, for ‘start-up’ telecommunications companies on three continents.  Their work has included the negotiation of supply agreements, service agreements, IT systems integration contracts and IT out-sourcing contracts – contracts which range in value from $US 1-million to  $US.5 - Billion. The team has also facilitated the integration of vendor financing term sheets into these contracts. 

Signature Contract Services provides a bridge to the vendor community built on trust, objectivity and win/win turnkey solutions.

Added Value

Signature’s integrated approach will reach clients’ business objectives through well-structured contracts that protect the client interests, the best industry terms available, speed to market advantages and an understanding of the long-term impacts of any agreement.   By providing a framework to organize the hundreds of variables involved in most complex contracts, the team can facilitate timely decision-making on key business issues and help focus on long-term procurement strategies.  By providing the hands-on experience and vendor knowledge, Signature can cut through claims and promises to ensure that deliverables will actually meet client needs.

  • Experience.  With both reputation and international benchmarks behind them, Signature Contract Services can achieve the best commercial terms available in the market  – including often overlooked “hidden clauses” that can significantly affect future costs.

  • Focus. Signature’s core business is providing telecommunications contract services.  Each contract is treated as a full-time project with the required resources dedicated to that project alone.

  • Efficiency.  With no time gap between negotiations and translation into contract language, traditional delays and costs associated with scheduling sequential negotiation sessions and securing external legal advice are avoided.  The speed to market advantage can be the difference between winning and losing in a fast-moving marketplace.

  • Objectivity.  As an external partner with no other considerations at stake, Signature is in a position to offer an objective perspective of the best over-all deal for the client.  Signature market management procurement processes that categorize purchases and identify specific objectives to be attained for each purchase creates a level playing field.   This objectivity allows the Signature team to negotiate effectively and successfully with all leading industry vendors. 

  • Turnkey Solutions.   By giving the Signature team the responsibility to negotiate the best over-all contract in the shortest possible time frame, clients can realize cost-effective total solutions.  For start-up and growth-stage organizations, this is particularly valuable – executives can focus on making business decisions rather than on wading through the complexity of contract terms. 

  • Vendor Services.   With a successful track record of reaching win/win agreements, the Signature team is equally well positioned to sit on the other side of the negotiating table.  Efficient negotiations can help vendors meet tight time schedules demanded by operators, allowing more time for manufacturing and delivery.  Meeting their clients’ expectations gives vendors the advantage that can facilitate their next sale.  Contract services can be designed to meet the specific needs of the vendor on a case-by-case basis.