Network Engineering


The global telecom industry continues to grow rapidly. To meet this growth, carriers and equipment vendors are making large capital investments to expand their networks and deploy new systems at accelerating speeds. Not only are carriers and vendors called on to deliver quality networks, they are faced with migrating to advanced technologies where the risks can be high in the absence of careful planning.  In response to these demands, WSI offers the expertise to assist carriers in the expedient design and deployment of these complex telecommunications networks. 

WSI designs network solutions according to their client's specifications, the market and the technological variables. WSI supplies its clients with resources with both technological knowledge and hands-on experience - professionals who have learned the lessons in the telecommunications industry.

 WSI's provides Network Engineering services for the design, implementation and optimization of telecom systems. These services include:

  •  Engineering analysis and business plan input

  • Vendor analysis and selection

  • Technology analysis and selection

  • Switch location and building selection

  • Network design for wireless, wireline and signalling networks

  • Network planning for wireless, wireline and signalling networks

  • Network integration with uniform or multiple vendorsí equipment

  • Adjunct platform integration

  • Corporate communication network design and integration

  • Network LAN design and integration

  • New product development and integration

  • Network evolution planning

  • Billing mediation integration and support

  • Operations and maintenance structuring

  • AIN and WIN platform design and integration

  • Fraud system platform network integration

  • Call center network integration 

Upon initial deployment, a wireless network is optimized to provide service based upon a set of parameters existing at that time, such as cell density, spectrum usage, base station site locations, estimated calling volumes and traffic patterns. Over time, call volumes, traffic patterns or other parameters may change, requiring, for example, the relocation of base stations, addition of new equipment or the implementation of system enhancements. WSI offers ongoing radio frequency optimization services to ensure system performance and quality, and to provide for the migration to second and third generation technologies.

WSIís Network Management team offers post-deployment radio frequency optimization and day-to-day operation and maintenance of wireless networks. Post-deployment optimization services include testing network elements, tuning the network for optimal performance and identifying elements that need to be upgraded or replaced. Maintenance and operation services cover critical network elements, encompass the full range of technologies, and offer complete network operating center services.