Marketing & Service Development


Marketing & Service Development is more important to telecommunication providers than ever before.  In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, operators are focused on differentiating themselves while reducing the time to bring new services to market. In addition, government regulatory agencies have become ever more demanding in requiring new operators to launch services within months of licenses being awarded. All of these factors present major challenges to the telecom industry in introducing new services, given the shortage of skilled resources.  

It is in this highly competitive marketplace that WSI, through its lower cost structure and extensive experience, can truly add value for both telecom operators and vendors alike. 

WSI designs Marketing programs according to the operator's specifications, the market’s needs and the available technology. WSI’s philosophy is to offer a differentiated set of services that attracts prospective customers in an effort to increase the operator’s market share and realize them incremental revenues. WSI’s cross-functional teams ensure the expedient implementation of a commercially viable service to rapidly improve its clients’ competitive position.

WSI’s Marketing & Service Development activities include:

  • Market Research  

  • Business and Marketing Plan Development

  • Product Specification

  • Pricing Strategy

  • IVR, Voice Mail & ACD Logic/Call-Flow Definition

  • IVR, Voice Mail & ACD Scripting/Recording

  • Marketing Communications

  • Branding Strategy

  • Web Strategy

  • Advertising Agency Selection

  • User Manuals (Content, Design)

  • Packaging Concept

  • Advertising Briefs

  • Media plan - TV, Radio, Press & Billboards

  • POS & Brochure Development

  • Distribution Strategy

  • Dealer Compensation Strategies and Negotiations

  • Training Materials (Customer Service, Indirect & Direct Sales)

  • Business Process Design and Business Rule definitions

  • Regulatory – Service Filings