The Integra family of products includes:

  • The Integra Network Mediation device automates the provisioning of subscriber accounts across multiple network elements and infrastructure providers. The software, which can be used within any infrastructure suppliers IN or Service Node architecture, identifies changes in subscriber account status and triggers the corresponding switch commands for these predefined events.  

  • The Integra Customer Relationship Management system provides end-users (Customer Care Representatives, Subscribers, Agents, Corporate Stores, and others) with the ability to self-provision and administrate their customer accounts. The CRM was designed to allow non-technical users access to ancillary platforms (such as Voice Mail, Prepaid Calling Cards, etc.) to perform routine account queries and maintenance.  

  • The Integra Management Reporting module provides a full suite of custom developed management reports that provides the operator with the information they need to make timely decisions. These reports support the tactical and strategic operations of a telecom operator, and provide information across functional areas including Marketing, Customer Care, Engineering and Finance departments.

  • The Integra Distribution Channel Interfaces provides the means to electronically interact with the operatorís distribution channels (such as banking networks, credit card companies, internet and retail channels) for the distribution and management of Prepaid PIN codes. This software allows for the automation of PIN code distribution and settlement of accounts between telephony operators and their distribution channels.